7 Cool Tips to Know If a Guy is Really Interested in You Or Not! Know His Intentions Right Away

You've had your eye on him for some time. You've made it clear you are interested in him, but you need to figure out how to know he is interested in you.

If a guy is interested in you, he will do his best to look good when you are around. You may notice him fixing his hair, tucking in his shirt, and making sure his pants are zipped.

Cock of the Walk
Men are like roosters, and they like to strut around their favorite hen. If he starts to show off when you come around, uses body language to look masculine and sure of himself, and looks your way to be certain you notice him, it is pretty much certain he is interested in you.

Face to Face
Watch his facial expressions when you come into the room. Does he even notice you? If he's interested in you, he will notice your entrance and indicate his interest in his facial expressions. Watch him when you come into view and check what he does with his mouth and his eyes, including whether he holds your gaze or looks away.

The Big Tease
From the time girls are in elementary school on into adulthood, guys tease them. When girls are younger, they are very sensitive to teasing. Moms assure their daughters that boys only tease girls they like. Guess what. Not much changes in adulthood. If he teases you, it is a good indicator that he's interested in you.

In the Workplace
If your intended beau is a co-worker, study his activities. Does he seem to come by your desk throughout the day even if there does not seem to be any specific reason? If he does, he is doing it so he can see you and be closer to you. If this becomes a regular pattern, he's got a thing for you and is probably trying to find a way to ask you out.

No Standing Up
If a guy is truly interested in you, he wants to please you. He will make it a point to call you when he says he will, and he won't cancel dates with you.

A guy who is interested in you is not pushy about going all the way or farther than you are comfortable with. An interested man, and a man worth taking seriously, is a man who respects your wishes and has no problem in waiting until you are ready to take the relationship to the next level.

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