How to Get Him to Admit That He is Falling For You - Really Good Ways to Get the Truth Out of Him

If your man has always been the type who seldom shares his thoughts, then it shouldn't come as a surprise to you if he has never spoken a word about his feelings for you. If you need to hear from him that he really likes you, then you need to make sure that you do your part in coaxing him to do so. Here are 7 surefire tips that would help:

Have a great date together.
The best time to ask him how he truly feels for you is after a successful, romantic date. The moment when you are both high from the wonderful date you just had is the perfect moment for you to fish out the details from him. He'd be so relaxed by then that he'll readily admit his deep feelings.

Tell him about your feelings and ask him what he thinks about it.
Another technique is to first tell him how you feel - be willing to take the risk and tell him everything, and then ask him immediately after what he thinks about what you said. This should shock him, at first, but once he feels your sincerity, he might just admit that he's falling in love with you, too.

Choose a romantic getaway and flee there, together.
The setting would surely help your cause, especially if you want him to start talking. Try asking him about his feelings when you two are already on that special beach resort. Let the sunset and onrushing waves help set the mood for both of you. Who knows what he might admit once he sees the reflection of the sun on your gorgeous eyes?

Do not force the words out of him.
This is absolutely crucial because you wouldn't want to force him to say things that he doesn't feel at the moment. Don't demand for his answer right away, instead, allow him to respond in his own due time.

The power of the love letter.
It is actually easier to tell someone anything when it is done in writing. Romances of the past always involved a lot of letter writing. Keep the romantic spirit alive by writing him then asking for his (hopefully) equally romantic response.

Joke that you'd want to become his girlfriend and see how he's react.
Just to keep nervousness at bay (for both of you), why not try to joke about your feelings to him. If he gets the cue and he responds positively, then you've just won yourself this wonderful guy. And guess how you did it? Through the most fun and least embarrassing way!

A little alcohol could help...
Alcohol would surely come in handy in a situation like this. Alcohol has proven to help a lot of people say the truth, especially the things they've wanted to say for a long time. Invite him to a drinking session and see how the alcohol will loosen him up.

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