Are You Finding That No Partner Has Compared With the Soul Mate You Lost?

The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of AttractionDo you have someone in your past you wish you had never let go? Do you find yourself wondering what if?
A lot people have let the love of their lives go because they were either not ready or did not recognize their soul mate. When we come face to face with our soul mate it is not always instant recognition. I am reminded of "Richard Bach" in his book "Bridge across forever" when he explained how his soul mate was quite disinterested in him at first.

This is one of the mysteries of the universe left for us poor mortal souls to try and figure out. If we are supposed to be with one person through eternity then why do they often pass us by? If we analyze the fact that we have many lives there may be a reason. It may be we have to learn some soul lessons in different lives so do not get the bliss associated with a main soul mate. Even though in your past there is a person you feel you have known forever do you still have the feeling you will meet again. I believe this to be true as a connection as strong and pure as that can never be denied.

Whatever the reason the both of you felt the time was not right it might well be there is still time in this life for you to reconnect. Instead of your soul mate being a memory it could be your lesson is to find them again. They will be wondering just as much about you and may not have realized the magnitude of what you both had. You could both live with the romanticism of the situation or make it a reality.

As soul mates often have incredible obstacles between them someone has to make the move. If you are the more forward in personality then what do you have to lose by trying? Write a letter saying you have been thinking about them and hoping their life is going well. Say they have been on your mind and felt a strong urge to get in contact again. Keep it simple and friendly. You do not want to scare them off at this point. Remember some people refuse to even believe in the concept of soul mates so if your ex love is one take it slow.
If you receive a letter back saying they have been feeling the same you are off to a good start. If they have given you a phone number or emails address this is a good sign. Perhaps you could invite them out for a coffee or just a visit. Now if you are true soul mates the pair of you are going to feel really nervous. There is an invisible magnet in the universe that operates between soul mates and yours may be pulling the two of you together at present.
With all this apprehension you need to make this meeting go well. Take the lead and keep it happy and light even if your legs feel like jelly at the mere sight of your true love. If all goes well you could be on the way to a beautiful love story. You have done the work a mortal can and now the universe will do the rest.

Are you finding everything you have tried is not putting your relationship back together. Do you want to see your SOUL MATE pass you by? You can and will make your relationship stronger and more passionate than ever before. You just need to know how.
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