How to Figure Out What's Going on in a Man's Mind! 7 Tips Which Will Help You Read Men Instantly

How you would love to know what is going on in a man's mind! Unfortunately it is not that easy to read a man's mind sometimes. But this does not mean that we women cannot understand men! There are some typical traits and behavior patterns that men follow. If you can understand the typical behavior of men then you have better chances of knowing what he's thinking! Here are some ways how to do that!

Make him let down his guard
If a man begins to trust his woman, he automatically relaxes in her company and opens up! This is when it becomes easier to read his mind and understand why he does something. Make him trust you by being trustworthy, honest and open with him. This will encourage him to share his feelings with you.

Men can be pretty transparent!
Most times men can be pretty transparent but we women miss reading the signs or intercepting the signals he sends us! Learn to be patient with your man. If he is not ready to make a commitment or marry you then he will let you know this in the way he behaves with you. It is easy to see what he is thinking by his behavior.

His body language will give him away
Often it is a man's attitude and body language that will give away his true feelings! If he is loving, attentive or even physical with you - you don't have to read his mind to know that he wants and desires you! Look for signs that he consciously and unconsciously sends you through his eyes, mouth, hands and body.

Learn to decode his "special" language
Many times men actually tell a woman exactly what is going through their minds - only they say it indirectly! You have to learn to understand just what he means when he says a certain thing. For example when he says "This joint is getting too crowded", he's actually saying "Let's get out of here...I want to be alone with you"!

Don't look for great speeches and glib words
You may think that your guy does not really care for you because he does not profess his love for you verbally. Keeping "mum" is one of the most common traits in men. They find it hard to verbally communicate with the woman they love. Don't panic if he stays silent - look instead at the things he does for you!

Men are pretty direct and blunt at times
If you understand the fact that men are direct and blunt, then you will have no difficulty in reading his mind. They don't believe in dropping hints and beating around the bush like women do. If they want something from you, they will come right out and ask you. So don't waste your time trying to figure out what he is thinking - he will tell you!

Men hate arguments and long drawn out explanations
It does not take much to understand what a man thinks about "scenes". He hates them. While a woman may enjoy making a scene and throwing tantrums, a man will do his best to avoid them.

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