How to Make a Man Treat You With Respect! Your Relationship Won't Really Last Without Respect

R-E-S-P-E-C-T is such a strong word and only a few people actually get it. Many people actually equate respect to being terrifying or being a tyrant. This isn't what it should be as respect does not entail fear. If you want to know how you would be able to get respect from the most important man in your life, then read these few tips:

Be an accomplished person.

A little reality check here - people actually respect those who have titles, college degrees, and moneymaking professions. If you want to instantly get some respect from people (even your man), at least show them that you have accomplished something in your life. Having a college diploma may not be everything but it primarily proves that you've worked hard at finishing something and you succeeded!

Don't just respect the people who you think deserve respect...

...respect everyone. If you don't respect people around you, then how can you expect them to do the exact same thing to you? It doesn't matter if you're talking with a CEO or a mere waitress, what matters is that you value everyone highly.

Know when to say no.

Instead of agreeing to have sex with him when you actually don't feel like doing it at the moment, say no. Gently tell him the reason why. Once you're man feels that he won't be able to impose anything on you, then he'll learn to give you some respect.

Say no to maltreatment.

Once a man has slapped a woman, who would say that that's the last time that he's ever going to do it? Abuse is actually two-way - it is primarily done by the person who perpetrates the act, and received by the victim. Once should be as far as you should go. Tell him from the onset that you won't be mistreated. If he does it again, then it's time to run away.

So to yourself be true...

This may be one of the world's oldest clich? yet it still remains true. If you present the real you from the onset, then there's no reason for your man to detest or disrespect you. If he found out that you lied, then you can't blame him if he wouldn't be able to respect you anymore.

Be sexy but never appear sluttish.

One of the main reasons why women are disrespected is because they don't know how to dress in a sexy manner. All they say is that they want to achieve a sexy look, yet what turns out is a woman who looks like a whore. It's all about subtlety - you can wear colorful but not loud.

Have dreams of your own.

It's all about being totally independent. Being in a relationship with your guy doesn't mean that you have to fuse all of your plans with him. If you want him to respect you, show to him that you know how to live your own life and that you're not just depending on him.

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