7 Ways I Can Make My Man Think of Me Constantly! The More He Thinks of You the Better it Will Be

The Rules of SeductionIf you hate to think of going away and leaving your man behind, knowing that there are plenty of women who would try to get their hands on him, then it is obvious that you should do something to make sure that he thinks of you constantly and misses you like crazy while you are gone. These tips will give you some great ideas!

Be extra loving towards him before you leave
Before you go away make sure that you shower him with a lot of tender loving care and attention weeks before your departure. Get him used to your loving ministrations and make him feel extra special. Give him a lot of good sex that will satisfy him and even make him long for more. This way when you are gone - he will think of you every day!

Take care of your body
If you ensure that the very sight of your body stimulates him, he is going to long to possess you even after you have gone. Make him proud of your looks and the fact that you belong to him. This way he is unlikely to want another woman. He will know that you are the best and will not settle for anything less!

Call him and tell him how much you miss him
When you call him you should talk of the wonderful times you had together! This will make him remember every thing. You can be naughty and flirt with him on the phone. Be explicit and tell him what you want to do and this will make him miss you like crazy!

Leave traces of "you" behind!
The trick is to leave traces of your sexy perfume on his sheets and on his clothes. Let him find your sexy underwear tucked in between his shirts! Slip a picture of you in a miniscule bikini in his briefcase and he will think of you every moment of the day and night while you are away!

Send him a special gift every week while you are away!
Arrange for your closest friend to deliver a special package from you every week. He will begin to look forward to your gifts especially if they are typically "you" - send him some new hot male underwear, spicy cologne, and other stuff he would appreciate. This will make him think of you constantly.

Be creative and seductive
Send him a picture of you everyday in seductive clothing. Make sure you tell him to view it when he is alone. This will make him really curious and excited! Once he gets to see the type of picture you sent him, he will be waiting eagerly for the next one! This is one of the most effective ways of making him think of you.

Pretend that you are busy
Once way to make him think of you everyday is to make him wonder if you are having too good a time without him. By not calling him or picking up his calls, you could make him wonder about you. He will go crazy trying to imagine all sorts of things you could be up to!
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