How to Tell If a Guy is Going to Ask You Out? Here is How to Read Her Mind Before it Happens

Guys can be a bit confusing when it comes to the way that they truly feel for a woman. Sometimes they can be so unpredictable that women start to get confused on the mixed signals that are being sent their way. But are there really tell-tale signs that a guy is about to ask you out? Here they are:

He is the most inquisitive person when you're around.
He is like the nosey reporter - he just wants to know every bit of information about you. His curiosity means that he likes you or is even considering wooing you pretty soon. If he still hasn't asked you out on a date, then it might just be because he's intimidated by you or he's too shy.

He gently tells you to improve yourself.
A guy who is concerned at what other people would tell about you is definitely attracted to you. And if he even goes out of his way to improve some of your not-so-fine traits, then it means he wants you to be your best self at all time.

He is assessing your chemistry...
When he starts asking about what you want in a man and how you would want to be married, then he's just assessing whether his plans coincide with yours. He also would like to evaluate the chemistry that you both share.

He emphasizes that he's single.
Observe how he would describe himself each time that you cross paths with him. If he keeps telling you that he's single and isn't dating anyone, then that's him telling you that he's going to ask you out very soon.

He tells you about the most important people in his life.
A man who's not ready to share his life with anyone wouldn't even bother to talk about his family. But a man who's ready to be in a relationship would gladly tell how his baby sister would run to him each time he comes home.

He may tease you a lot.
Sometimes even the greatest tease has good intentions. Occasionally, men tease women so that the woman's attention would be turned to them. It's alright to let him kid around but when he starts laughing at you, then that's a totally different story.

He can't get enough of you... he tries to stay in touch as much as he can. He would definitely be asking you out soon if he calls, texts, or emails more often than before.

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