Do You Still Believe in True Love and Soul Mates?

Why Can't You Read My Mind? Overcoming the 9 Toxic Thought Patterns that Get in the Way of a Loving RelationshipLike a lot of people I am a die-hard romantic and the whole concept of finding a soul mate makes perfect sense. The whole thing about love is it is so intangible and hard to pin down. We can only rely on a feeling and we have to decide whether it is lust or true love we are feeling.

We have soul mates as our friends and as our lovers but that beautiful notion that for every person on gods earth there is another is hard to resist. I for one do not want to. I would rather keep part of my head in the clouds believing that a great love exists.

Bad relationships where people abuse each other in different ways are sad because those never get out of them lose contact with their soul and soul mate. As the darkness in the world has terrorised many a relationship so has the light help blossom others.

If you are in a negative relationship and are reading this take your mind back to your younger years. Can you remember fantasizing about how they would look and where you would meet? Like most of us you probably did and somewhere gave up trying. Controlling and abusive people can put out the light of love but deep in our souls we always know there is something better.

We are not meant suffer as we do but this is often what happens. The dark side of life can never hold you back from your one true love if you have faith. This belief that love is the only thing that is right will guide you out and into the arms of a greater love.

It is why abused people turn to god because they have known so much of a very dark space. Nothing can touch your soul once you have given it to love.
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