Do Men Like to Be Followed Around by Women? Here Are the Tips Which Will Clear All Your Doubts

We may now be in what we call modern times. Things have changed, including men and women's view of courtship, dating, and relationship. But some things remain the same - at least, in general. There is still a lot of attracting and hunting and catching going on, but who really should do the chasing? Do men in this age like to be chased by women? Read on to find out...

Men would rather do the prowling
Men these days still enjoy hunting and chasing. Although it boosts a man's ego to be chased by women, it doesn't necessarily mean that he appreciates it. He usually becomes complacent and egotistic when women do the hunting... oh, and men don't like being caught and tied on a leash.

Men like the challenge
A man loses interest when he gets an easy catch. The harder he works to have a woman, the more he seems to value her. He actually likes doing things to please her, to get her attention and her approval. And he wouldn't mind putting in hours of work just so he could have her yes.

Men would rather be teased
Men enjoy the mating game. They want a woman to be playful, to tease, to tickle their fancy. But they dislike it when she lays a trap to try to catch him.

Men would rather be "the man"
Masculine men appreciate feminine women. This doesn't mean being a pushover or a doormat. It means they like women who are proud of their gender, who are not ashamed of being women, and who are not afraid of using their femininity to their advantage. Men are attracted to self-confident women but who don't try to take the role of men especially in courtship.

On the other hand, men also appreciate some encouragement
A woman is better off leaving the chasing to the man, but it would do well if she would provide him some subtle encouragement. This will keep him from giving up the chase altogether.

Men like to feel special
A man wants a woman who is not easy to catch and is challenged when he has competition. But he also wants to feel special, to feel that he is more special than the rest.

Men like women to be themselves
Men are flattered when women take interest in them. But they know if a woman is trying too hard to please, or trying too hard to get his attention.

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