How to Make a Man Respect You After You Have Had Sex With Him? It Might Be Hard But Can Be Done

Too many women are disillusioned and unhappy after spending the night with their lover because of the way they are treated. No woman likes to be treated without respect. If you happen to be one who wants her man to treat her well and respect her then follow these tips. It will make him change his attitude towards you.

Don't give in too easily
Take a good honest look at your self and see if you have been too eager, too easy and too available! If you have, then he has considered you to be fast and cheap. It is no wonder that he treats you badly and does not give you respect. Stop giving in to his demands and see him change.

Give him an ultimatum
You don't have to subject yourself to disrespect. If he continues to treat you badly and just uses you, then you have to know that it is time to say "no". Without actually putting it into words, you could show him that you are no longer interested in him because of the way he treats you. This will make him sit up!

Refuse to have anything to do with him
If you are hurting because of his disrespect - having nothing to do with him for a while! He will be surprised at your behavior and will try to get you to be as accommodating as you were in the past. This is the time to let him know that you want to be respected or else you are happy with the present situation.

Talk to him
Some men tend to get very selfish and careless when it comes to sex. Once they are satisfied they do little to see that their partner is as satisfied and happy! This proves that he is a hard hearted selfish beast who does not deserve you at all. Talk to him and let him know that his behavior is hurtful and you want to be respected.

Show him that you are not going to tolerate disrespect
If he has started taking you for granted, it proves that he has gotten too used to you and the fact that you are always there to satisfy his needs. The moment he realizes that you are no longer going to cater to his desires, wants and needs, and may walk out on him - he will change his attitude!

Deepen the trust and intimacy
Don't let the romance between you die. Deepen the intimacy between you and make him appreciate you. The more he gets to know you, the more he will learn to respect you, before and after sex! If your relationship is strong and the love is genuine - he will automatically respect you.

Give him reason to respect you
Have you been too casual in your relationship with him? Have there been instances when you have cheated and lied to him? If the answer is yes, then it is more than likely that he will not respect you. Be true and faithful to him and the respect will naturally follow!

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