Broken Marriage on Its Way to Divorce? How to Save Marriage From Five Dangerous Trends!

Does it seem like you have a broken marriage that is on its way to divorce? Does it seem like there is no way to save marriage, any marriage, from the dangerous trends you see coming your way?

This short article can help you with the way to spot dangerous trends in your marriage. It can help by teaching you five things you will want to avoid or overcome if you want to spot dangerous trends in your marriage.

Here then, are the 5 things you'll want to avoid:

1. Abuse

If you are the one being abused, you will need to stop enabling the situation. You may have to move yourself and your children in order to avoid this dangerous situation. This is not a reason for divorce, but it is a reason to remove yourself from harm. (Notice, if the other party does not improve this situation, he or she may move on to other behaviors that lead to adultery and unfaithfulness, which may end in divorce for you.)

There are various reasons to get out of this situation. The main one is simply to protect yourself and your children. As an alternative of that, you should perhaps plan to confront your spouse before moving out. If he or she is willing to get help, you may not have to move out right away. Still, you want to set up high standards, and demand a high degree of accountability from your spouse who promises to do better.

2. Adultery

The reason for this being a dangerous trend is because adultery is definitely a sign of a broken marriage. You have the right to divorce your spouse if he or she has committed adultery. If that has happened, the marriage is broken, and you may be on your way to divorce. Instead, you could simply (if you love your spouse and have a high degree of grace) forgive your partner. Still, you would set up a whole new set of rules that would keep this situation from occurring again.

3. Leading Separate Lives

This is really a matter of acting like you are divorced even though you have the same residence. Alternatively, you should strive to grow closer together instead of farther apart. While this sometimes leads to separation, the best thing to do is to restore your marriage, but to restore it to a state that is much better than it ever was. You see, it is possible to save marriage. Look for keys that will help you do that.

4. Lessened Desire

Why this may be a dangerous trend is because this often leads to divorce on the part of couples who really just quit trying. Instead of this happening, you really want to pursue your marriage with renewed vigor on your part.

5. Selfishness

In the short-run this is often a temptation for one or both partners to get some things they want, but in the long-run it leads to the end of the marriage because there is no give and take. A broken marriage often results from the selfishness of one or both parties in a marriage. When you learn to give, this can improve things. When both learn to give, almost anything can be overcome.

Try to remember that these five things are dangerous trends that can lead to a broken marriage or even a divorce. On the other hand, if you recognize these trends and take steps to reverse them, things can improve greatly. It is possible to save marriage--even yours!

Avoid or overcome these 5 dangerous mistakes and you will greatly enhance your results and save your marriage..

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