7 Surefire Ways For You to Seduce Your Boyfriend! Here is the Art Every Woman Out There Must Learn

The art of seduction isn't an easy thing to do. It encompasses so many things - having good looks, charm, wit, certain secret skills, the right mood, the right timing, and the right venue. In short, everything has to be right in order for it to work. There are many reasons why you should consider seducing your man. No matter what your agenda is, here's how to do it:

Seek the most romantic ambience.
It will be much easier to seduce your boyfriend if you choose a setting that says it all - sexiness and romance. Choosing a romantic venue would mean setting the mood for him.

Play on some sweet music.
Forget rock and roll for a few hours - nobody cares if you're a big rocker. What you need to do is to play a little jazz or love songs. A man would be enticed to get close and intimate with you if the music lures him to do so. If he starts touching and rubbing you as you dance to some slow music, allow him. Let him dance his way into your arms.

Purchase some wine.
Loosen him up with some alcohol. Make sure to serve him a glass of wine the moment you set foot into your chosen venue. Don't just let him take a sip, allow him to down a few glasses and see how he will soon relax.

Prepare the best meal for him.
Cook his favorite dish then cap it with a strawberries and cream dessert. You can even use a strawberry to entice him - just bite sexily into one of these fruits and you're sure to catch his attention!

Dress up as a seductress.
There's no point in seducing him if you're wearing your pajamas to bed. You may want to look sexy without appearing like a porn star. It's not good to let him see you get naked immediately. Try to lure him with skimpy attire and a pair of sexy stockings. Let him watch as you slowly reveal everything that is underneath your tight outfit.

Be whoever he would want you to be.
Does he want a demure schoolteacher in bed with him tonight? Then don't hesitate to give him that. Or would he want a naughty secretary instead?

Pull back at the right moment.
You can do a sexy dance for him - tell him that it's your treat for him since he's been a very good boy. Make sure to pull back just when he's about to reach out for you. Build up the heat in him and when he can't help himself any longer, see how he'd pounce on you.
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