How to Choose a Perfect Bride

A Perfect BrideWell, I have had only one opportunity in my life, and that was it. I never had to choose again. Thank god for that as choosing a bride is worse than choosing wallpaper that will match the rest of your deco in the room. Although choosing a bride or groom is not very different to that. Let me share my experience of life and tell you how I chose my bride 32 years ago.

Let me tell you how we choose our brides: love from childhood, school friends, first meetings in college, university friends, working together, neighbor, sister of a friend, arranged by the family... and you can add to the list.

When you choose your bride yourself what is it that you are looking for? It should be really be the other way round perhaps: are you the right person for the one you have chosen? Are you the other half of the marriage certificate? You know yourself very well, but does she know you? You may find the perfect bride, but are the feelings mutual?

One common connection is love. When you love someone you will not think of anything else. Look, does it matter? Many members of your family will not be happy with your decision. When you decided to marry the person you love, then if you can't decide if your decision is right, it is possible to take certain things into consideration, such as:

Faith. Are you a strong believer? If not then your choice of food? If you're not bothered about food then how about language? Does she speak your language..? Does she fit into your culture..? Did she have any short relationship before you..? Will she be there when you need her most..? In your health, sickness, happiness, sorrow..? In short, will she be a good wife?

Will she be faithful? Will she love you forever? Will she look after your children? Will she be caring? Will she be perfect as your bride? If your answer is yes, then what are you waiting for? Just book a venue and hire a good caterer, and leave the rest to best because God is great. Trust me this is the one... chosen for you by God. This is how I chose my bride, and this is the only way to choose your Perfect Bride... Boss... Good Luck!
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