How to Attract a Guy Who Does Not Like You - This Will Make the Job Much Easier For You

You have been eying that cute guy from your class for a while now, right? But for some reason you get the feeling that he does not have the same feelings towards you. Maybe it's something you overheard his friend say or maybe you read something in his body language which is throwing you off. Here's a few ways to attract a guy who doesn't like you:

Looking good: This is step #1 in attracting a Guy. A good first impression goes a long way in setting up a foundation for the future. Dress well whenever you are in a situation where you expect to run into your crush. Try and make sure you meet him in social situations where you can dress a bit sexy and show off just a tiny bit.

Smelling good: There is scientific proof that our sense of smell plays a big role in the mating process. A good perfume can be quite the weapon to catch the attention of your potential mate. Choose a fragrance that compliments your personality and then find excuses to get close to your guy and let your fragrance do the rest.

Play hard to get: It's a technique as old as time. You always want that which you cannot have. Try ignoring the object of your affection. By playing hard to get you are saying you really do not care to be bothered which in many cases will actually draw the guy's attention towards you.

The Friends Route: One of easier ways of getting close to someone is by becoming friendly with his friends. The nice part about this approach is that you get to meet new people while being in a position to know more about your crush. Also having common friends means you will run into your crush at many places and events.

Be kind rewind: Another way of attracting a guy who does not like you is to show just how likable you are. There's no need to 'kill' him with kindness but yes a few kind gestures towards him will go a long way.

Find out his interests: Perhaps your crush enjoys rock climbing as much as you do or perhaps you both are into the same kind of music. If so, then it's a great place to start bonding. A common interest is very likely to perk up his interest in you.

The Direct Approach: When nothing else works perhaps the direct approach might yield some desirable results. Find a time and place where you can approach the guy and try to make sure he's alone when you broach the topic. Maybe he has some misconceptions which you might require to clear up.

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