How Age Affects Relationship

Big age gaps between a husband and wife sometimes happen. Although it is not common but it does exist in many marriages. It may be the husband is older, as this is more common, but there are many couples out there where it's actually the wife with more years under her belt. Either way, these do exist and they're probably more common than you think. Many people think these are unconventional and may have the bearings of a marriage that won't work. You could then ask a question if this kind of relationship works. Is this kind of marriage successful?

Most of the people will think that the marriage with big age gap doesn't work most especially if the gap is more than 11 years. This could be likewise true especially if the one older is the woman. Men normally like to have children but what if the wife cannot give it to the husband because of her age or some to other reasons or vice versa. This is a big problem then and could even lead to separation.

One reason also is because of this big age gap the husband and wife evidently differ in each other's interest.

Well, some however, before they get married, they agree and make compromises in things that they differ. But eventually in their marriage, the young still wants to enjoy a lot of things which the older one may consider those things as waste of time because he/she has gone through them.

Another one is the relationship between each other. Apparently because they differ in age, they differ also in many ideas. The younger one may think the older one as old fashioned and may treat the other partner as his/her father/mother. On the other way around, the older one will treat also the younger partner as his/her child.

Nevertheless, if the parties are almost of same age, or the age gap is not so big, their level of maturity also don't differ too much. They could then agree in many things, interests, ideas, opinions and choices in life. So the bonding is very strong and course they will be living most of the time happy and contented with each other.

In time, however, partners and a lot of people already think big age gap is not a big deal. What is important is that the couple wholeheartedly accept, adjust and treat with each other as truly husband and wife.

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