How to Be the Right Woman Every Guy Wants to Be With? These Tips Will Give You an Extra Advantage

Some men set high standards for the women they want. They carry a checklist around in their heads for easily sizing a woman up. Any woman who hopes to land in the arms of one of these men has to be able to meet certain criteria.

Don't Play the Dumb Blonde
No matter what you may think about men's egos, they don't need to be made to feel mentally superior. They prefer a woman instead who has common sense and the ability to solve simple problems to the one who can't pour water out of a boot. The Marilyn Monroe persona is a thing of the past. Let it rest in peace.

Be Willing to Compromise
Most people, regardless of sex, want to have their way all the time. They prefer to have a partner who will give in some even though it changes their plans. If you are going to have a long relationship with a guy, you need to be willing to do what he wants sometimes. In turn, you can occasionally expect the same from him.

Privately Show Your Feminism
Some guys like girls to be a little slutty, but not to the point that they think of her as a slut. This is a fine line to walk that keeps him interested without it looking as though you are advertising for every male. Reserve most of the truly hot stuff for when you are alone with him.

Don't Be a Buddy
Don't think that a guy wants you to do everything he does or go everywhere he goes. You probably have a lot of things you prefer to do with your girlfriends, and he's the same about his male friends. A relationship has to allow freedom for both sides to have activities with their friends.

Don't Be a Helpless Female
Along the lines of the dumb blonde goes the helpless issue. You probably enjoy having him do things for you, and he likes to do them, but that doesn't mean that he wants you to be utterly lost when some simple little task needs to be done. Be willing to get your hands dirty if the need arises. He'll admire your independence.

Be His Go to Friend
He should know that you are there when he needs someone to talk to about anything. If he hurts, your first thought shouldn't be to get in his business, just to soothe and offer anything he needs at the time. Guys get hurt just like girls; it's just harder for them to show it. Every man needs a female friend he can speak to when necessary.

Instill Trust in the Relationship
When you have a quick fit of jealousy, count to 10 and bite your tongue. Trust means giving the benefit of the doubt. Don't destroy a good relationship by allowing the green demon to get the best of you. Trust first, and doubt only if there is good reason.

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