He is Always Playing Mind Games With Me - How Do I Deal With it? This is What You Must Read Now

Understanding men who play mind games takes a bit of hard work! Even though most men are clueless about playing mind games and are pretty straightforward about everything, there are some who enjoy getting a woman into a tizzy by playing mind games with her. Here are ways to deal with such men.

Don't react to him
It is a fact that men play mind games to throw their woman into a quandary and make them confused. The trick is to pretend that you did not get their message and refuse to react in the manner they are expecting. Instead, ignore his behavior and continue to treat him as you always do! This will make him unsure as to what to do next.

Use a little discipline
If he is going to insist on acting childish then you have to treat him like a child and use a little discipline. When he realizes that you are not going to give in or cater to his needs till he "behaves" he is bound to stop playing games with you and start behaving like an adult.

Give him a taste of his own medicine
Don't let him be the only one playing games. Give him a taste of his own medicine and see how he likes it. Not only will he hate it but it will cause him to stop behaving so badly. Let him see how it feels to deal with a person who can be so challenging and frustrating!

Try to understand his behavior
It is obvious that there is a reason as to why he is playing mind games with you. If you are successful in finding out the reason behind his behavior, it will help you to deal with it better. Not only will you be able to defend yourself better during one of these "attacks" but you will succeed in making him feel foolish.

Don't get too emotional
He is playing mind games with you because he wants you to react in a particular manner. If you get too emotional by responding to him in frustration or anger, then you are playing directly in to his hands. Instead try to be cool, calm and controlled so that the mind games will begin to lose its appeal.

Don't let him manipulate you
Another reason as to why he likes to play mind games with you is to put you off guard and make you confused so that he can manipulate you and get you to do what he wants! Deal with him in a professional manner and let him see that his mind games will get him nowhere!

Cut off relations with him
The best way to deal with a man who is playing mind games with you is to cut off relations with him for a while. This will make him frustrated and put him under stress! By having to do nothing with him and limiting your contact with him, you will be stopping his attempts to play mind games with you.

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