How to Know If He is a Good Guy & is Truly Genuine? Know This Before Something Bad Happens

No matter how rich or handsome a man may be, a woman always wants to know if he is good at heart and will not turn out to be a bad character. It is important to be able to read a man's character so as not to get fooled or disillusioned in the end. Here are some wonderful ways to find out if the guy you want to date is good or not!

Is he conscientious?
A man without morals will care two hoots about the girl he is dating. He is out to satisfy himself and is very selfish. A man who is conscientious on the other hand will always look out for his woman. Not only will he conscience not allow him to be mean to her, but he will always do the right thing!

Does he pay attention to you?
A good guy will make sure he gives you his full attention and is not careless about hurting your feelings. He will give you priority and make you feel special at all times. He will take the trouble to find out your likes and dislikes and try to keep you happy all the time.

He will not cheat on you
As long as he does not cheat on you with other woman, it proves that he is not a cad or a liar. Find out if he tells you the truth by testing him. Check if he is really at the place he says he is going to be! If you find that he constantly tells you the truth and stays faithful to you - then yes, he is a good guy!

A good guy will not compromise on his ideals
No matter what the situation is, or how pressured he is, if he is good then he will not compromise where his values and ideals are concerned. This will confirm the fact that he is a good person who knows the importance of having good virtues and morals.

He won't let you down!
You know that he is good when he stands by you and does not let you down. This is an important trait a man should have because it proves that he won't leave you high and dry. This also means that you can depend on him to be there when you need him.

He is willing to share and take responsibility
A good man is not afraid of shouldering responsibility. If he is a coward and a loser he will run away from responsibility and expect all the others to do the work! This is one of the best ways to find out if the man is a good person or not.

He is a man of his word
Find out if he is the type of man who keeps his word and his promises. He will not back down and make flimsy excuses instead of keeping a promise. He will do everything in his power to do what he says he will do. This is a sure fire way of finding out if he is good or not. A man who is unscrupulous will never keep his word.

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