How to Get the Man of Your Dreams If He Has a Girlfriend! These Tips Will Make it All Possible

It's odd that some women would still want to get the attention of a man who's already committed to another woman. The appeal of a committed guy is just so strong that women wouldn't care if they get just the second-rate type affection. If you really can't get over this guy who's already in a relationship, then see if you could snag him with these techniques:

Think ten times...
...before you go out there and start going after this man of your dreams. Is this really what you want? Are you sure you would want to hurt someone just to get what you want? Is he really worth it?

Be prepared for the battle.
The girlfriend might not give up without a fight so brace yourself. It might just get deadly - let's hope in a figurative kind of way.

Win his heart by becoming his friend first.
Don't just go in front of him and suddenly admit that you care deeply for him. He might get shocked and there's a higher risk that you'd be rejected or embarrassed if you do this. Instead, work your way to his heart by being his closest friend. Once he starts confiding in you, then it may only be a matter of time before he lets go of his useless girlfriend.

Be more fun than the other girl.
So the girlfriend may already be turning into the nagging monster - be there when he's already thinking of letting go. Show to him how much fun he can have if only you were his girlfriend. Make him notice that he's laughing more when he's with you than when he's with his girlfriend.

Sure you may be too eager to have him but don't let him feel that.
Play it cool, take it easily, chillax. You can't get him by being all mushy and teary-eyed. You can't beg your way to his heart - remember that! Don't be seen on a daily basis. Take sometime to still do things on your own, this will prove to him that you won't ever demand for his time because there are other things that you can be busy with.

Allow him to talk to his heart's content.
Since it's your goal to be better than the competition (in all aspects), then you must also have much patience to hear him out when he wants someone to listen to him. Accept the fact that you have to do this in order to be better than the current girl.
Let him talk about anything - his likes, his disappointments, his passions in life. Once he realizes that he already loves talking to you, then he would seek more and more of your companionship.

Be more alluring than his current girlfriend.
Who cares if she has him in her arms right now? If his thoughts start turning to you, then you're slowly winning the battle. Keep earning points by looking gorgeous for him - let him realize the big difference.

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