How to Make Guys Think That You're Hot - Here Are Some of the Best Ways to Get This Result Fast

If there's one glaring reality about the dating world, it's the fact that guys fall for girls with oozing sex appeal. So, if you want to attract guys, the best way to do it would be to appear extremely hot. Now the problem is, how exactly do you do that? Try these 7 time-tested tips:

In order to become hot, you should feel that you are hot.

Try to find ways to make yourself look the part. Keep yourself as neat and clean as you possibly can - wash your face, apply moisturizer and other facial products to enhance your skin's suppleness. You might even want to experiment on the sexiest coif for you.

Wear clothes that would hide your flaws yet enhance your assets.

Choose your clothes well. The guy you're eying would never think that you are hot if you keep displaying your flabby arms instead of your voluptuous hips. Even the sexiest supermodels know how to hide their flaws that's why they look great on their photographs.

Emphasize your femininity.

Being a lady is not about being a damsel in distress at all times. You can also be the strong woman who knows what she wants yet one who's also vulnerable to the strong emotions of being in love. Show your gentleness and kindness and he'll surely feel that you're the hottest, most feminine woman in the world!

Wear makeup.

The primary part of your face that you need to emphasize with makeup is your gorgeous pair of eyes. It's because you can do so much with your eyes, like stare at your man and send signals, so make sure your eyes look their most alluring.

Workout at a gym or in the privacy of your home.

Stay in shape - this will surely make you look hot. Hit the gym every so often and you will see the amazing transformation of your body. You might not notice it at first but once you start to trim down, guys would start to swarm all over you. This only means one thing - you've definitely hot!

Wear your sexiest and most alluring perfume.

A good scent would always turn any man on. If you wear perfume, you can lure more guys to you even if you do not make much effort. If you stay close enough to the guy that you've been eying, he just might catch a whiff of you and he'll be nothing but weak-kneed.

Flirt like a pro.

If you can't snag guys with your simple efforts, then it's time to resort to flirting. Let your body language say it all.

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