Does Age Matter in a Relationship?

It is not common to see couples with wide age gap. However, we witness public figures to the private ones, even our friends, with couples either way too older or younger than they are. Given the disparity of age, do these relationships work?

Majority of the population would think not. This is more evident if the disparity is at least eleven years due to some reasons below.

1. Interests. A person who is ten years younger would have not experienced the things the older person has. At their different stages in life, they would have different priorities and different levels of wants and needs.

If the couple brings their relationship to marriage, the older person would have robbed his partner of the youthful adventures. On the other hand, the older person might feel bored of doing the things he/she used to do during his/her younger years.

2. Impression of their partner. The young partner may consider the older one as aged and passe.

The older partner, on the other hand, may find the young one a juvenile. The relationship mimics that of an offspring and parent relationship. A weak relationship that is bound to break eventually.

On the contrary, if the couple share the same interest and understanding, they have a good chance of making the relationship work even if the couple's age gap is far apart. To strengthen further their bond, they have to learn to be independent from each other while loving each other with mutual respect as matured persons, not in a filial way, but as adults sharing a mutual affection of each other.

The age gap will no longer be an issue once the other people watching the couple appreciating one's difference, while being independent and respecting each other. In due time, the gap will reduce to nothing.

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