Do You Know That You Don't Need to Be Really Good Looking to Get Guys? Here Are the Tips You Need

You may not be drop dead gorgeous, but you have the traits that men want. Finding the ways to get that across to the guys you are interested in is the skill that many women lack. Here's what you need to know about how to get any man at any time.

Look Your Best
Prepare yourself for any time that you will see the man or men that you have a fancy for. You don't want to overdo the makeup, but you want to be attractive. Dress for the occasion, but do a little something extra. Wear perfume that is alluring and not overpowering.

Be Available, Not Pushy
Always be in the mix. You don't necessarily have to be the main attraction at every event, but be noticeable. Be sure not to talk too loudly, laugh too much, or appear that you are stalking someone. Be sure to travel with different friends so you don't look like you only have one.

Know Exactly What He Wants
Do your homework and find out what his favorite foods are. As with any man, know what sports he is interested in and the teams he supports. Learn his favorite color, music, movies, and everything you can without tipping him you are doing it. You can only ask his friends a few things, and that does let him know you are interested.

Remind Him You Are There
Occasionally, drop a line in passing that has some relevance to his interests. You can strike up a conversation if it seems he wants to talk, but don't be clingy. When you are in a crowd, be sure to catch his eye to wave or nod at him. If he makes a move, go with it, but don't push the issue.

Be Seen with Other Men
The tricky situation is to be seen with guys who are not dorky or losers, but don't appear to be too much competition. Don't make the mistake of always being with a guy, and especially not the same guy every time. Be sure to pick casual friends that understand that it is only friendship.

Know When to Back Off
If he starts thinking that you are setting him up, you have gone too far. If there is any possibility that he is suspicious, be sure not to be around his area for a few days. Remember to be patient because not everything goes at the speed you want. Give him some space. Besides, when you are not around, he'll miss you.

Have the Right Timing
When he seems to be noticing you more and more, there's a good chance that he is ready to move the relationship up a notch. When he comments about some event he might be going to, let him know how much you would love to attend it, too. That should be a strong enough hint, even for a man. When he asks, answer slowly, and don't fall all over yourself just because you scored.

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