How to Know If You Mean a Lot to a Guy? Discover How Important You Are to Him Right Away

Every woman goes through a stage in a relationship when she would doubt her man's love for her. Perhaps this is due to the fact that guys don't often reassure women about their devotion. In fact, it's so hard for them to blurt out what they're actually feeling, much less admit that the woman means a lot to him.

If you can't get him to admit his real emotions, then observe these tell-tale signs instead:

You're a part of his daily itinerary.
He may still be having poker night with his best buds but he makes sure that he gets your approval first. You're also very much a part of his daily activities. To him, a day isn't complete without you spending it with him.

He wouldn't dare hurt your feelings.
You mean a lot to him if he's very careful about saying something that might hurt your feelings. He is most careful during arguments with you.

He checks your status every now and then.
You do mean a lot to him if he is concerned whether you've eaten your lunch or if you've taken your vitamins. He also has numerous text messages and calls each day.

He knows how to give you his full attention.
You're important to him if he's there even during your lowest moments. Does he stay to listen to you when you rant about how awful your day was at work? Does he couple his attentiveness with a light massage on your next just so you would be eased up?

Nothing takes precedence before you.
Do you notice how fast he flies to be by your side when you request for a shoulder to cry on? Even if he's busy with something at work, he would drop anything and everything that he's doing in a heartbeat.

He has much respect for you.
Since you mean a lot to him, he wouldn't even force himself on you when you say that you're not ready to be physically intimate with him yet. A respectful guy also wouldn't dare raise his voice or lift a finger at you.

He inspires you to do better.
He is the most honest man out there. He'd tell you that something was amiss on your last office presentation. If he didn't care to tell you at all, then that would mean that he doesn't care if you repeat the mistake in the future.

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