How to Know If He Likes You Romantically? Know This Before You End Up Investing Too Much Into Him

By nature, human beings are difficult to understand because their character, personality and behavior constantly change. So, even if you think a guy is already in love with you, you might be surprised if in the end you do find out that all he felt was brotherly love. What then should you do? Try to observe these 7 gestures in him so you get to know his real intent...

He holds hands with you in public.

Guys are not the type to show the whole world how they feel for a certain person. However, if they do find themselves love smitten, there is no stopping them from being affectionate to that special woman - yes, even in public.

He introduces you to his friends.

Introducing a woman to his friends is like asking for his best buddies' approval. Remember, a guy would never make such a move if he has no intent of making this girl his official loved one.

He also introduces you to his family.

Being introduced to the family is another big step that a guy rarely does, unless he is serious with a certain girl. Thus, if he asked you to meet everyone at home, he has a strong message that's blinking in neon lights: I am totally in love with you.

He keeps you updated with his activities.

Guys hate having girls who constantly ask them where they are and what they are doing. However, if they are serious with a girl, one thing will surely happen - even without being asked, they would tell the girl what they are up to, just to assure her that he isn't fooling around.

He seems to be present in all places that you go to.

Most guys, especially the single ones, would rather be hanging out with their friends or be engrossed with their favorite video games. So, having him around during most of your activities could only mean one thing - he wants to be with you and could be considering you as a romantic partner.

He brings you to special family occasions.

The explanation is plain and simple: Why would a guy want you around during family gatherings if he is only planning to play with you? Surely, this means he wants you to be part of his family in the future.

He tells you those three magic words.

These three words rarely come out of a man's mouth. If he does tell you "I Love You" then you have just snagged a fine man.

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