How to Be Flirty Around Guys - Here Are Some Essential Flirting Tips Every Woman Needs to Have

You need to train yourself very well if you intend to have a proper flirting approach. Flirting is one of the best ways to attract guys, but do know that it has its own set of risks. There are various forms of flirtatious gestures. However, you need to approach a guy with plenty of caution. Make sure you do not go too far with the flirting. Nevertheless, here are a few tips which should guide you well:

Make eye-contact: Whenever you get into a conversation make sure you look deeply into his eyes. You might want to make it look as if you were lost, for a moment, gazing at his eyes. Also, hint a slight smile when you do this. This will undoubtedly drive him crazy for you.

Give him compliments: Compliment him, but do not throw around compliments. Make sure you give him compliments only when you genuinely mean them. You might want to flatter him with your most sincere compliments.

Be very confident: You do not need to feel shy or embarrassed when you flirt with him. Be bold about it, not aggressive. This will surely make him admire you all the more. When you are very upfront about your thoughts he will certainly start giving you more importance.

The touch barrier: You might want to slowly brush your fingers with his or lightly tap his shoulder or knee-cap, lean in while listening to him. He can't miss these playful gestures of yours and these will provide him a hint of what's cooking.

Talk to him: This means you need to have great conversation skills. Guys are usually very secretive in the beginning, you need to make him comfortable around you and let him talk. This will help in breaking the ice and make you guys more relaxed around each other.

Pay attention to how you look: It is very important for a guy that his girlfriend or spouse looks very pretty. A certain amount of physical attraction is important fr him to develop interest in you. You need to be presentable at all times. Guys like it when girls are well groomed from head to toe.

Have an interesting hobby: When you are active and are very much involved in your own life, this gives your guy friend more reasons to be interested in you. Having a hobby is not just fun it also provides for great conversation starters. If you think you do not have an interesting hobby, you could simply find his hobby and try that for a change. This will not just impress him but you two will even end up spending more time with each other!

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