How to Ask a Guy For His Number & Actually Get It - Don't Ask For His Number Before You Read This

You have met your dream guy and dread losing him; therefore you want to ask him for his number! How many times girls have agonized over their predicament of not being able to get a guy's number! You don't have to be in this position - take a look at these easy tips that will get you his phone number in a jiffy!

Make sure you have his attention
Before you can even think of getting his number, make sure he is attracted to you. This will make it very easy for you to be on friendlier terms. Once you are sure that he too can't keep his eyes off you, all you have to do is go up to him and tell him that you should keep in touch with each other. He will probably ask you for your number.

Get comfortable with him
Once you relax in his company and are comfortable with him, it will be every easy to exchange phone numbers. This way it is not so obvious! If you spend time together even if all his friends are around, he is bound to come to know you better. Make sure that you are good company!

Get rid of any shyness
If you are too shy then it will become a huge barrier! Get rid of shyness and all inhibitions. Work on your confidence levels and make sure that you become even more attractive than you already are! Once you know you look good and have an engaging personality, talking to a guy and even asking him for his number will be no big deal!

Go about it the indirect way
If you feel that you don't have the courage to ask him for his number, then you could indirectly get it by asking one of his close friends for it! Be casual and include other names so that it is not no obvious that you want his number desperately. You could tell his friend that you are planning a surprise party and need a few numbers!

Get online - become his friend on Facebook!
Social networking skills can help you get a lot of friends. Not only will you be able to chat with them but you can get a lot of personal information too! You could request him to be your friend on such a social networking site and then get his number!

Captivate him and make him ask you for yours
The trick of getting a guy's number is to become so captivating and attractive that he will want to ask you for yours! This way you will not be the one who is chasing him - he will do all the chasing. Boys find it very easy to ask a girl for her number so why not let him do it?

Make him want to give you his number
If he thinks you are not worth giving his number to, then he will not want to part with it and will even ignore your request. You should give him a good reason to believe that you are a terrific person who is special enough to have his number!

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